A women handbag is an extension of her body, a cultural object and her intimate space. It is a mystery and an indispensable accessory in the world of feminine fashion. Women want a bag that is suitable for their new shoes, a bag that follows the latest fashion trends or just to be comfortable in their everyday life. By looking at your purse, we can tell whether you prefer stability or making wild memories and, to think, you were just worried if it matched your shoes.

There are four bags that we think every woman should have in her closet. Just like the right jewellery and shoes, the right purse is a great outfit completer. And if you’re struggling to put together good outfits, a new bag or two might help do the trick. Let us show you which ones are the important ones and when you should wear them.

A Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bags are great for a number of reasons. They’re often a medium size, which allows you to carry your essentials without hefting around a giant purse, the style is easily dressed up or worn very casually, they’re easy to carry since you wear them across your body, and they come in a million different varieties. They are a must for the modern woman. Take for example PLIK’s Lola Bag, it’s an effortlessly chic addition to any look and is a compact day-to-evening bag. The distinctive character and classic lines create balanced and sensual, feminine silhouette in two sizes. An elegant detachable chain strap accompanies the top-handle and allows for the bag to be worn cross-body and over the shoulder by the double chain.

An Oversized Bag

The oversized bag is perfect go-to bag that you can use all day-every day, fits everything, and is easy to carry. This size of bag is great for traveling, great for working women, it’s an essential for every woman no matter her life stage. PLIK’s MAX bag is the biggest, voluminous and contemporary aesthetic bags from the PLIK family. With its rebellious design, this bag is a preferred everyday choice and has plenty of space for any business or personal essentials. The elegantly standing snap carabineer, gives you the opportunity to have your MAX in two different ways – on shoulder and on hand.

A Clutch

Clutches are a style of bag that every woman has to have. They come in different shapes and sizes and are here to underline your femininity. They are perfect for Friday nights, fancy diners and brunches with your girls.  Comfortable to wear, it fits as a natural part of your hand. Sometimes they are not so comfortable to wear, that’s why we created the Hand PLIK. Clean and contemporary aesthetic feeling for elegant and sophisticated silhouette. This clean line and minimalist beauty is metamorphosing the sophisticate simplicity. This bag I a perfect fit for any occasions that you want to shine. The on handle make this clutch easy and comfortable to wear.

The Belt Bag

The rise of the streetwear, made the belt bags a huge fashion trend the latest couple of years. When you look at the fanny pack beyond something that can only be worn strapped high and tight across the waist, you realize that they can actually look cool, elegant even. PLIK’s Idea for a stylish fanny bag is Belt Bag PLIK, which come in fine Italian leather and in chick colours. Bright look and modern lines create the perfect, trendy fanny pack, balanced with sensual, fashionable silhouette. This accessory consist of a bag and a removable belt which can be worn separately. The flexible shape allows you to wear this stylish treasure in three different ways- on the waist, shoulder or cross body. Extremely comfortable and functional.

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