An artist with many faces Vladislava Lupo is never putting her creative powers at rest. Constantly searching for new ways to express her spirit and vision, she started her design career as a next step artistic project after being a professional musician touring the world.

First, she explored her talents within the realms of interior design before embarking on the adventure of creating a brand for luxury leather goods. Her innate passion for design triggered her imagination and she started mixing crafting techniques, playing with colors, and experimenting with shapes until the PLIK brand was born. An offspring of profound curiosity, creative endeavor, and endless love for accessories.

Vladislava’s unique style and artistic approach to luxury leather goods were featured and acclaimed by VOGUE Italia, GQ Italia, AMICA, ELLE, Harper’s BAZZAR, Cosmopolitan, LINGER Magazine, OK! PLIK designs have their fans among world-famous artists from the music, movie and fashion industry.

In 2017 Vladislava Lupo and PLIK won an International Award at MAD MOOD MILAN World Fashion Design ompetition during Milan Fashion Week. The same year her efforts were also recognized in her home country where she was nominated for the “Woman of the Year National Award” for her exceptional contribution to the development of the local Fashion & Design industry.
Now she partners with fashion brands and retailers from all over the world. Each PLIK collection is a celebration of self-expression and exquisite craftsmanship.


PLIK feel and look is an epitome of the omnipresent and centuries-old women’s fascination with bags and accessories. Manifesting them as a means of empowerment and femininity, rising them in a cult. Items to be worshiped and worn simultaneously.
Each and every creation takes us on an imaginary journey in a land of luxurious experiences, elegance and authenticity. A compliment for the women’s self-actualization, uninhibited style, and pursuit of excellence.

Handcrafted with warmth and sensuality, the brand differentiates itself from mass production and fast consumption. Standing at the crossroad where art meets fashion, PLIK dedicates itself to minimal design, the perfection of detail, bright identity and character. 

Reaching beyond the status symbol of the iconic leather bag, Vladislava took PLIK to the next level and dared to conquer the world of leather jewelry and accessories.
Combining intuition, passion and expertise, she designs bags, jewelry and accessories collections that complement each other in a perfect symbiosis of silhouettes and style. The result is a timeless luxury fetish that enhances the character of the owner and charms the eyes of the beholder. 

PLIK symbolizes the merger of old and new, of heritage and modernity.



From sketch to shelf, the whole process of manufacturing a PLIK item meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and production.  
Every handbag, accessory or jewelry carries the soul, touch and energy of their skilled artisans who combine traditional leather treatment methods with modern tool techniques. All in the name of delivering exceptional quality work that satisfies clients’ highest demands.

PLIK luxury goods are conceived through a thoughtful design process, material selection, color sampling, and testing before the perfect handbag is created. The result is a fine product with an exquisite look, luxury feel and master quality.

High-quality authentic leather guarantees that with age and use each bag or accessory would develop its own look and character, becoming uniquely personal.


We chose to counter overconsumption by creating high-quality products that outlive the fleeting trends of the day. In a world where fast fashion is the norm, we want to treasure and support the artisanal processes that we believe luxury should stand for.
We are committed to ethical and responsible production and we do our best to vet any components we purchase from other suppliers.

All PLIK items are authentic leather only, which means they could be worn for years without losing their quality or appeal. No animals are harmed for their skin since all leather we buy is a 100% byproduct of the food industry.

We adhere to zero-waste sustainability practices and we are constantly improving our cutting and sewing processes. As a result we manufacture our bags, jewelry, accessories and small leather goods with optimal use of all bits and pieces of the leather and other materials.