An artist by soul Vladislava Lupo has always sought new challenges to showcase her creativity and explore the unknown.

She embarked into the world of art and music at an early age. Later in her road, after the break in her musical career and countless tours all over the world, Vladislava has transitioned her creative visions into interior design projects, but in parallel she started the adventure of creating a brand for luxury leather goods.

Her profound passion for design, mixing techniques, playing with colors and shapes led her to the journey of creating the PLIK brand, to satisfy her constant creative demand and endless love for accessories.
Throughout the years her work has been featured in VOGUE Italia, GQ Italia, AMICA, ELLE, Harper’s BAZZAR, Cosmopolitan, LINGER Magazine, OK!

Her designs have been worn by artists from the global music, cinema, and fashion industry. 

In 2017 Vladislava Lupo and PLIK won an International Award at MAD MOOD MILAN World Fashion Design Competition during Milan Fashion Week.

Being recognized for her success the same year, Vladislava was nominated for “ Woman of the Year National Award” for having a positive contribution to the development of the Fashion & Design Industry.
She works with partners all around the world and continues to develop her creativity giving a freedom to her fantasy.


PLIK is an ideology showcasing  the power of feminine bags and accessories, rising them in a cult.

Vladislvala takes us on an imaginary journey by creating a luxurious experience for the strong and modern woman with a personal attitude and touch to every single detail.

Away from mass production toward a beautifully developed state of the art, handcrafted with deep and warm sensuality, minimal design, bright identity and character.

To give the will of her passion and creativity, she stepped in to the world of jewelry and accessories, which took her leather expertise to the next level.

Bags, jewelry and accessories collections are woven into a perfect symbiosis of silhouettes, being the eternal luxury fetish, which challenges woman’s imagination and personality.

PLIK  symbolises the mix of old and new, of heritage and modernity.


High standards are kept throughout the whole process of manufacturing from design work to production.

Our handbags, accessories, and jewelry are handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans combining years of experience with modern tools, dedicated to fulfilling all customer wishes.

Each handbag goes through a thoughtful design process, material selection, color sampling, and testing before the perfect handbag is created. The end result is a combination of exquisite look, luxury feel, and designer quality.

Each piece will develop its own unique look with age and use, becoming completely personal.

We are committed to ethical and responsible production and we do our best to vet any components we purchase from other suppliers.
In a world where fast fashion is the norm, we want to treasure and support the artisanal processes that we believe luxury should stand for.